New Era Ciphers:
[The Bit-Flip Protocol]
[The Bit-Flip Pattern Free Cipher]

» » » Equivoe-T: Transportation Equivocation Cryptography
» » » Denial Cryptography based on Graph Theory
» » » The Ultimate Transposition Cipher (UTC)
» » » Drone Targeted Cryptography
» » » T-Proof: Secure Communication via Non-Algorithmic Randomization
» » » Cryptography of Things: Cryptography Designed for Low Power, Low Maintenance Nodes in the Internet of Things
» » » Virtual matrix encryption (VME) and virtual key cryptographic method and apparatus

New Era Theory & Principles:

» » » Redividing Complexity Between Algorithms and Keys
» » » Encryption Sticks (Randomats)
» » » Essential Shannon Security with Keys Smaller Than the Encrypted Message
» » » Tailored Key Encryption
» » » s(n) An Arithmetic Function of Some Interest, and Related Arithmetic
» » » Integer Arithmetic without Arithmetic Addition
» » » Cyber Passport: Preventing Massive Identity Theft
» » » Shannon Revisited: Considering a More Tractable Expression to Measure and Manage Intractability, Uncertainty, Risk, Ignorance, and Entropy
» » » Hush Functions Extended to Any Size Input versus Any Size Output
» » » Probability Durable Entropic Advantage


» » » A Brief History of Confidential & Secure Communication

The Era of Mathematical Intractability is Coming to a Slow but Sure End

Equivocation, Randomness, Combinatorics -- The New Chapter in the History of Data Wars

Randomness Rising

The advent of computers has slowly but surely decimated the classic era of cryptography where Edgar Allan Poe and his elk imagined beautiful cryptograms that provided ample entertainment to their cryptanalysts. Computing machines shifted cryptography to the realm of mathematical intractability where it reigns today. But not for long. Edward Snowdon, the sensational 'tell all' NSA exposer, has put a stamp on the persistent conjectures that the so called one-way functions, and other mathematical intractabilities are honey traps. They are mathematical challenges that frustrate the lone cryptanalyst, the university professor, the bright one-off. But these challenges melt away before the cryptographic power houses of the US National Security Agency, and its matching crypto-shops around the world. And in parallel, the specter of super powerful quantum computing rewrites the book on intractability. The people who train their view on the horizon see what is coming next.

An era of cryptography where the new technology of cheap and reliable memory allows even a simple smart element to be equipped with oodles of randomness which are processed bit-wise, fast and easy, and provide security guaranteed by hard combinatorics calculus.

AGS Encryptions Ltd. guides its clients to gear themselves towards the emerging paradigm shift. First generation of products is on its way. More is on the drawing table.

Be prepared, let's talk about what you can do today, so that you can smile when tomorrow arrives.

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