New Era Ciphers:
The Bit-Flip Protocol: Technical Article

Randomness Rising

The Bit-Flip Protocol:

Proof of Identity with At-Will Security,
Using Near-Zero Computing Power

Replacing heavy-handed algorithmic intractability with free-flowing randomness where security is based on sound principles of combinatorics, implemented with cheap, fast, and hardware-friendly bit-wise operation. A Fine specimen of the new era of cryptography, an important secure building block for the Internet of Things.

A new era of cryptography where the new technology of cheap and reliable memory allows even a simple smart element to be equipped with oodles of randomness which are processed bit-wise, fast and easy, and provide security guaranteed by hard combinatorics calculus.

AGS Encryptions Ltd. guides its clients to gear themselves towards the emerging paradigm shift. First generation of products is on its way. More is on the drawing table.

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