Background: Homomorphic Encryption emerged as a modern cryptographic challenge. The idea being to repackage data such that it could be analyzed and inferred upon without being fully exposed. The guiding principle is: To allow processors to see in data everything they need for their purpose, and nothing else.

The conventional approach is to encrypt data such that the ciphertext retains the properties needed for the data processor. AGS Encryptions Ltd. handles this challenge differently. Data is encrypted in such a way that different readers, using different keys decrypt the ciphertext to a tailored plaintext that exposes everything each processor needs for its purpose, and nothing else. AccessioeTM tailored decryption keys don’t have to be pre-identified before the encryption is effected. Hence, at any time a new data processor may be added, and be given a tailored decryption key that would expose only the data needed for its purpose.

Organizational Management: Oftentimes an operational document within a large organization is kept in various versions. Higher ranked readers see a more detailed version. The burden to joggle and maintain the same document in various security levels is prohibitive. The AccessioeTM solution is to maintain a single document (encrypted), and provide each reader with the proper key. Such document could be readily broadcast in the open since only key holders will be able to read it, and read only what they need to know.

Public Data Management: In a modern democracy there are various forms of “sunshine laws” insuring access to large amounts of government data. Albeit, most government databases mix private data with public data, so that in practice most often either the public is denied access to public data, or private citizens have their private information alarmingly exposed. AccessioeTM is a perfect means to effect a fair and balance solution to enhance freedom, justice and sound governance.

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