Cryptographic Variety Defense: The severe vulnerability of orthodox cryptography is that it is based on a few well known ciphers, which for many years now have become a focused target for top cryptanalytic shops. Some of them secretly compromised, the rest are soon to be. And be sure that the more difficult and the more costly the cracking of a cipher, the more vigorously guarded the fact that this cipher lost its efficacy. People with grave cyber security concerns come to AGS to fit them with cryptographic variety. Once fitted, our clients are inherently secure against such 'unpublished' cracking of any of the 'highly recommended' orthodox ciphers. Ask for our white paper: "Unorthodox Cryptography"

AGS Cryptographic Variety Suit is comprised of smooth intractability controlled ciphers. Virtually all the mainstay ciphers today come with a fixed intractability defined via their algorithmic complexity and their key size. Algorithmic complexity is heavily analyzed as a pure mathematical measure. However, serious practical attacks rely on the probability of the randomly selected key to fall into a "weak key" category (e.g. the Polard weak primes). And that practical intractability is much harder to appraise, if at all. Since the algorithm is rigid, and the key size is pre-determined, it follows that the intractability (strong, or weak as the case may be) is not subject to change (to increasing its measure) by the message writer, no matter how sensitive the information to be cryptographically secured.

AGS developed a counter suit of ciphers which allows the user to set the intractability at a desired level, as high as Shannon's perfect security, if so warranted. AGS ciphers are designed to work with any size key. And what's more, the computational burden for encryption or decryption is not seriously affected by the size of the key. Hence, the size of the key does not "leak" to the cryptanalyst. Being blind regarding the key size is a serious disadvantage for the assailant. Unlike the finite key space in mainstay ciphers, the AGS ciphers come with unlimited key space, which means that any prospective algorithmic cryptanalysis cannot possibly pinpoint the key, since the key space is larger than the message space.

While the AGS cryptographic suit has been tested in the field, it was not tested enough. And therefore we would not recommend using it as a replacement to "orthodox cryptography," but as either "in series" encryption, or as a "kick in" alternative encryption to be used either experimentally, or as a forensic tool, or as an instant replacement, should there be intelligence that the mainstay cipher was compromised.

The two main CVD ciphers are: Equivoe-G and Equivoe-T

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